Mobile Skincare Application

Mobile Skincare Application

An in depth understanding of the Customer’s wishes as a starting point

For a lot of customers, even those that regularly shop for skincare products, choosing the ‘right skin care’ can be an overwhelming proposition. There are thousands of brands each offering tens of options – new and established ones, at times supported by influencers and other new channels to gain awareness and preference. It’s no wonder shoppers are increasingly going online to seek advice to support them in this difficult choice.

Our client developed a Skin Care Advisor, a mobile first, web-based technology platform aimed at helping consumers identify a personalized skin care regimen best suited for their skin type and needs. As its web-based, it’s available to consumers on each platform and handset. SPARC helped develop the question flow regarding skin concerns and tested the UX/UI of the whole platform in various waves of the development. After answering the questions and uploading a pictures, the Skin Care Advisor provides feedback on the visible skin condition and generates a recommendation for a customized skincare regimen. A ‘smart AI’ supports and collects data that feeds into further development and fine tuning of the platform.

Proud partners

As a preferred partner, SPARC is dedicated to designing research that leverages innovative technology and platforms to drive engagement. Through the years, we’ve evolved our core product testing capability to focus on contextualizing content through text analytics, mobile-first approaches, and “in the moment,” multimedia tools.

SPARC was able to enhance the effectiveness of the research and drive lead times and overall project costs down by creating:

  • Building a user community that was willing to provide regular feedback about the platform
  • A referral program that drove both usage as research participation
  • Mobile-first, yet rich & visual tools that provided an intuitive, immersive experience
  • A discussion platform where users could interact and exchange tips, complaints, ways to use, feedback on appropriateness of the advice given by the platform – providing rich context and insights

At SPARC, we believe better engagement leads to better insights. Better, in our book, our truly actionable insights that come from interaction and understanding drivers of consumers ‘when they don’t feel they are a respondent’.

Results & Way Forward

The compliance with the project was exceptionally high at 91%. We also learned very valuable lessons that benefitted the platform immensely. A total of 250 respondents completed the 4 week review.

From a results point of view, the purchase intent (compared to the control group) was significantly higher. So much so, that our client decided to implement the platform worldwide with an increased focus and pace.

The Skin Care advisor has since generated over 1.5 million visits and continues to provide a truly personalized brand experience to consumers worldwide. SPARC has a continuing involvement in the project and regularly checks the relevance & effectiveness of the platform in order to stay in tune and provide value to consumers.

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