Market Research trends for the Year of the Dog
Market Research Trends

Market Research trends for the Year of the Dog

Our Predictions…

Market Research trends for the Year of the Dog

As we leave the Year of the Rooster behind us and usher into the Year of the Dog, it is time to have a review of the most apparent Market Research Trends. Typically this time of the year, is also a good time for spring cleaning. Getting rid (or polishing up) the old and welcoming the new. The relentless participants of our very own SPARC Academy scanned the World Wide Web, numerous industry magazines and attended various conferences and summits to come up with the trends in Market Research for this year. Rest assured, we’re developing solutions as we speak where we feel they make sense and add value to you, our clients!


Before we share our list with you, let’s get the obvious disclaimer out of the way. There’s no way we could accurately predict what is going to happen, and you should be very skeptical when people claim otherwise. Even when using data and advanced analysis techniques, there will always be bias and imperfection in the analyses. No one is claiming that these are guaranteed to come true, but to some degree everyone here is placing bets on the probability of them coming true.

Of course everyone here must admit to having a subjective point of view, but these predictions are valuable because that subjectivity is informed by experience, performance, intelligence and by monitoring the industry and its news for the past year. We have all tried to leverage these resources to highlight the most important trends in our little bubble of Market Research going forward.

Our Predictions… Market Research Trends

So, without further ado, here are the predictions on Market Research trends we will be keeping an eye on in the Year of the Dog:

  • From… Real time to Right time (with an obvious connect to technology, mobile, wearables, …)
  • From… Big data to the Right data
  • From… Insight to Foresight (prediction based on understanding behavior)
  • From… Lengthy QNRE’s at long intervals to less questions (shorter QNRE’s) at a higher frequency
  • From… One Survey covering it all to Multiple surveys build around specific Touch Points
  • From… Traditional singular approaches to Flexible / fluid approaches
  • From… Market Research at the center stage to Business Issues taking center stage
  • From… Customer journey to Shopper journey
  • From… One Off Engagements to more frequent and deeper engagement (e.g. co-creation)
  • From… Intelligent Design to AI influenced design and flexibility (learning as we do)
  • From… Positioning / Selling Products to Customers to Developing Products with Customers
  • From… General Respondents / Panelists to Specific (more demanding) Respondents / Panelists

What’s Next?

Over the course of the year, we will publish various articles to give our take and approach on the topics above. So… watch this space for more about our Market Research trends!